How Singing Bowls are Used for Healing

Singing bowls are used for relaxation, meditation and healing purposes. These small circular bowls work like bells, and they produce a melodious sound when played. They originated from Tibet, but they are also played in India, Nepal, and Bhutan. The Tibetan Llamas have been utilizing them for centuries. But, they have always been regarded as sacred and thus their existence was kept secret till the Chinese invade Tibet. Since then, the knowledge of singing bowls has spread gradually, and their use has grown in different cultures.

Traditionally, Silver Sky Imports singing bowls were made from a combination of seven metals even though a majority of singing bowls that are available today are made of at least five metals. These bowls make tones that facilitate your deep relaxation and create harmony between the soul and body. When you put the ringing bowl on your body, the sound waves get to each cell with vibrations that massage the cells as they go through your body. It does not take long to get to a state of complete relaxation. The cellular massage is also known for providing healing results to broken or sick bodies. Singing bowls can also be utilized for relaxation as one lays the bowl.

There are two approaches to playing a singing bowl at . You may strike it with a mallet or rub the bowl using a wooden stick thus making continuous ringing tones. Great singing bowls have many different tones that they produce as you move your mallet around the outside of the bowl. To get ready for a cellular sound massage, you have to first lay flat on our back. You should be as comfortable as possible and then put the singing bowl on your chest. The vibrations have a tendency of making you slide so you may have to place a piece of non-slip matting between your body and the bowl. Once everything is set, and you are comfortable, strike the bowl using the mallet close to the rim.

As the bowl starts to ring in your ears, you will pick up the lower tones. You can hear as the bowl rings, but you will start to feel the sound wave as they pass through your body. Your chest is a big air chamber which has the same function as the hollow cavity in a violin or guitar. The sound will resonate in your chest and continues to the other areas in your body. As you focus on the combined sensations of tangible vibration and audible sound, your body will enter into a deeply relaxed state.